The Foundation for the American Republic supports Influencers who have an expertise in various aspects of content creation: original videos, video editing, memes etc.

The Foundation seeks to aid influencers and truth tellers by soliciting donations/contributions from donors.

These influencers are awarded monetary grants that will be used to support the influencers on a monthly basis. It takes money each and every month to take an influencer with a small following to national prominence.

The Foundation has engaged a social media consultant who works directly with our grant recipients to maximize the effectiveness of their content and works to grow their followings/amplify their message. This is part of the advantage of the Foundation.

This grant money and the donors who support the foundation are supporting those who are on the frontline, in the trenches, of this real-time digital battle against the anti-American narrative. This is wonderfully inspiring work. Many of these influencers are risking their reputations and their livelihoods to get to the truth and to establish a counter narrative in order to educate and defend the United States of America, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.