The Foundation’s leadership team, P. Gray Delany, has been actively involved in politics, policy development, fundraising and business for over a decade. Together with the Foundation’s board and advisory committees, they will leverage existing relationships with influencers currently engaged in grassroots efforts advocating for and defending traditional American values. The Foundation attracts and enlists powerful voices and successful Americans for the execution of our mission.

P. Gray Delany

Gray Delany was one of only two paid staffers on Dave Brat’s historic 2014 upset of Majority Leader Eric Cantor. That experience left him with a unique grasp of how to leverage minimum resources into maximum results.

Mr. Delany is also a partner in Calamo Press, a publishing company dedicated to publishing books that tell the truth in the face of the establishment’s determination to control the narrative. He is co-author of the book on the campaign titled How to Bag a RINO

In all endeavors, Mr. Delany works to preserve America’s founding principles and expose the corrupt ruling class for who they are. He possesses very meaningful relationships and is considered by all to be sincere and capable of following through. Friendship and mentorship focused.

Mr. Delany resides in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Email: gdelany@fftar.org